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When you are a native Californian, and of Italian heritage, you just naturally have wine in your blood. Craig Colagrossi first started making wine at home in 1995. During those early years, in the garage, Craig began the unending educational journey that is bestowed upon a winemaker. In those early years there was a great deal of “trial and error”, reaching out to those with more experience for advice, and lots of experimentation. The feedback though, from those days in the garage, was positive enough that Craig began making wine commercially in 2009.

Living in the heart of sonoma county, Craig naturally began honing his winemaking skills on pinot noir, merlot, viognier, and the other fairly common varietals. Quickly though, his interests, and his Italian heritage, had him branching out into sangiovese, barbera and other more unique wines. “I was given advice early on to make wines that are true to you,” says Craig. “don’t follow trends or chase the customer. Make what you like and the customers will find you.”

Craig also likes for the tasting experience to be informal and friendly, just like he is. Depending on the day and the customer's schedule, there could be barrel tasting, blending, or who knows what. Craig will always make sure that there is great fun, and ample wine for all to sample and enjoy.



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